General Terms and Conditions

1. Service Provider’s Data
  • Company: Hotel Kentaur Ltd.
  • Seat: H-8600 Siófok, Akácfa u. 1.
  • Tax number: 10385078-2-14
  • EU tax number: HU10385078
2. General Rules

2.1.  The use of the Service Provider’s places of accommodation and their services shall be regulated by these “General Terms and Conditions”. 2.2.  The special individual terms and conditions shall not be part of the announced General Terms and Conditions but will not exclude the signing of separate agreements with travel agencies, organisers, on varying conditions complying with the type of the business in each case.

3. Contracting Party

3.1.  The services provided by the Service Provider shall be used by the Guest. 3.2.  If the order on the service is placed directly by the Guest with the Service Provider then the Guest shall be the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest shall be jointly referred to Contracting Parties (hereinafter Parties) if the conditions are met. 3.3.  If the order on the services is placed by a third party (hereinafter referred to as the Agent) with the Service Provider on behalf of the Guest then the conditions of the cooperation shall be regulated by the contract made by and between the Service Provider and the Agent. In this case the Service Provider shall not be obliged to control if the third party lawfully represents the Guest. 3.4.  If medical services are used the Guest shall notify the Service Provider of his or her health condition, and the Service Provider shall call the attention to any health risks.

4. Contractual relationship

4.1.  The Service Provider shall send an offer in response to the oral or written inquiry of the Guest. The Service Provider shall sell the rooms depending on vacancies, and confirm the booking in the order of receipt. 4.2.  The Contract shall enter into force when the written booking made by the Guest is confirmed by the Service Provider in writing, and therefore it shall be considered a written Contract. Any orally made booking, agreement or modification or any orally confirmation by the Service Provider shall not be considered a contract. 4.3.  The scope of the contract shall include: the subject matter, place, duration and price of the service. It shall include also the payment, cancellation and modification terms. 4.4.  Any modification and/or supplementation of the Contract shall be valid only in the form of a written agreement signed by the Parties.

5. Prices

5.1.  The room prices (rack rates) of the Hotel are posted  at the reception desk. 5.2.  The price lists of other services are available at the specific divisions of the Hotel (restaurant). 5.3.  The Hotel Kentaur may change the announced prices without any prior notification unless it assumes an obligation for a specific period. 5.4.  The prices include the value added tax (VAT) at the rate valid at the time of the quotation. The Hotel Kentaur shall charge any extra costs resulting from the modification of the effective VAT law to the Contracting Party. 5.5.  The local tourism tax shall be payable in addition to the accommodation fee. 5.6.  The current allowances, discounts and other offers are announced on website .

6. Terms of payment

6.1.  30% of the total cost of the vacation is to be paid as advance payment by postal cheque or bank transfer in 10 calendar days after the Provider’s confirmation, and a copy of the advance payment voucher (including the name, address, order number, tax number and address in case of a VAT invoice demand) is to be sent to the Provider. 6.2.  If you make your booking 14-7 days before the arrival, the advance payment is to be paid in 3 calendar days. 6.3.  If the period between the booking and the arrival is 7 days or shorter then the guest shall pay the total amount at the reception desk on arrival. 6.4.  In case of special offers the payment terms may change and will be contained in the confirmation sent in writing. 6.5.  If payments are not settled the booking is automatically deleted. 6.6.   Acceptable means of payment: Cash, remittance, credit card 6.7.  All costs related to any method of payment shall be charged to the Contracting Party or his or her credit card. Travel bureaus / Tour operators / OTAs / Cooperating partners: The contract signed with the service provider shall contain the specific payment terms. 6.8.  Gift ticket: The gift ticket may be used only within the term and value specified thereon depending on the available capacities. The ticket shall become void after the expiry.

7. Terms of cancellation

7.1.  The order may be cancelled in writing. 7.2.  The booking may be cancelled without a fee of cancellation before the first advance payment deadline. 7.3.  15 days prior to arrival: free. 7.4.  14 to 2 days prior to arrival: 30% of the ordered service. 7.5.  From the day before arrival or if the guest does not arrive without preliminary notification on the day of booking 100% of the ordered service shall be charged as a penalty. 7.6.  If the Contracting Party has not secured his or her booking of accommodation-services with an advance payment, credit card guarantee or another means specified in the Contract, and does not arrive until 6:00 p.m. according to local time on the day of arrival, or does not preliminary indicate that he or she will arrive at a later time the Service Provider shall charge at least one day’s accommodation fee specified in the Contract as a penalty. In this case the Service Provider shall reserve the accommodation for the Contracting Party until 10:00 a.m. on the day following the day of arrival and then his service provision obligation shall terminate. 7.7.  In case of special and promotional offers, the terms of cancellation shall be regulated by the offer. 7.8.  Repayment of services (accommodation, meals, treatments etc.) booked but not used by the Guest during his or her staying in the Hotel or modified by him or her is not possible. 7.9.  In the case of booking of products subject to special conditions, group travels or programmes, the Service Provider may specify conditions different from the above in a special Contract.

8. Method and terms of use of services

8.1.  The Guest may check in from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and check out until 10:00 a.m. on the last day of staying. The Guest shall identify himself or herself in accordance with the legal requirements before occupying the room, family romm or apartment houses on arrival. 8.2.  The Hotel does not receive guests suffering from infectious diseases. 8.3.  The Guest shall accept and observe the General Conditions of Contracts and the special rules of conduct  by filling and signing the notification sheet. The guest shall observe the rules of conduct of the special service fields . Information necessary during staying at the Hotel is available in the room folders placed in the rooms. In addition, the reception desk of the Hotel is at the guests’ disposal through 24 hours a day. 8.4.  The Hotel shall not be liable for damages caused by the guests. The Hotel may charge the costs of intentionally caused damages to the guest. 8.5.  SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the hotel rooms and in the whole building. Smoking is permitted on the balconys / terraces but doors must be kept closed. 8.6.  If the guest wants to occupy the room before 9:00 a.m. on the day of arrival then the price of the previous night shall be charged. 8.7.  Room booking extension fee shall be charged after 10:00 a.m. The rates are available at

9. Pets

9.1.  No pets are allowed into the Hotel of the Service Provider for hygienic reasons. 9.2.  If the guest brings a pet onto the Hotel’s area without a prior announcement the Service Provider shall be entitled to charge an extra fee of HUF 15.000,-/pet/night  and shall invoice also the costs of damages caused by the pet and of the extra cleaning (20.000,-HUF).

10. Rejection of the performance of the Contract and termination of the service provision obligation

10.1.  The Service Provider shall be entitled to terminate the Contract on the accommodation-service with an immediate effect and to reject to provide services if: 10.1.1.  the Guest does not use the room or facility for the intended purpose 10.1.2.  the Guest behaves roughly or in an abusive way against the employees or does not follow the security rules, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaves in a threatening, hurtful or unacceptable way 10.1.3.  the Guest suffers from an infectious disease. 10.1.4.  the Contracting Party does not perform the advance payment obligation specified in the Contract by the deadline 10.2. If the Contract made between the parties is not performed due to a Force Majeure event the Contract is terminated.

11. Accommodation guarantee

11.1.  If the Service Provider cannot provide the services specified in the Contract by his own fault (e.g. overspending, temporary operational problems etc.) he shall provide for the accommodation of the Guest with an immediate effect. 11.1.1.  The Service Provider shall:  guarantee/offer the services specified in the Contract at the price confirmed and for the term given therein – until the hindrance is eliminated – at another place of accommodation of the same or higher category. All extra costs related to the replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.  provide the possibility of making free calls for the Guest to announce the change of accommodation  transfer the Guest free of charge to the offered replacement accommodation and return him or her at a later time if applicable 11.1.2.  If the Service Provider fully meets these obligations and the Guest has accepted the replacement accommodation offered to him or her then the Contracting Party may not claim damages subsequently.

12. Disease or death of the guest

12.1.  If during the use of the accommodation-services, the Guest becomes ill or is not able to take care about himself or herself the Service Provider shall offer a medical help. 12.2.  In the case of a disease or death of the Guest, the Service Provider shall claim the costs from the relative, heir or invoice payer of the ill/deceased guest in relation to any medical and treatment costs, value of services used before the death, and damages caused to facilities and equipment in connection with the disease/death.

13. Rights of the Contracting Party

13.1.  Under the Contract, the Guest shall be entitled to use the room ordered by him or her and the facilities of the accommodation included in the scope of regular services and not subject to special conditions for the intended purposes. 13.2.  The Guest may raise a complaint in connection with the performance of services provided by the Service Provider during his or her staying at the accommodation. The Service Provider shall manage the complaints forwarded to him in writing (or recorded in a report) during this period. 13.3.  The Guest’s right to raise a complaint shall cease when he or she leaves the accommodation.

14. Obligations of the Contracting Party

14.1.  The Contracting Part shall settle the value of services ordered in the Contract by the day and in the way specified therein. 14.2.  The Guest shall make sure that any child below 18 stay in the Hotel of the Service Provider only under supervision. 14.3.  The Guest may not bring foods or drinks into the catering units of the Hotel.

15. The Contracting Party’s liability for damages

The Guest shall be liable for damages and disadvantages that are suffered by the Service Provider or a third party by fault of the Guest or his or her attendant or a person for whom he or she is responsible. The Guest shall be liable for damages caused by him or her to the Service Provider (e.g. extra cleaning: gross HUF 20,000). The liability shall exist also if the Injured Party claims the payment for damages directly from the Service Provider.

16. The rights of the Service Provider

If the Guest does not settle the fees of Services subject to penalties used by him or her, or ordered in the Contract but not used by him or her the Service Provider shall be entitled to pledge the personal belongings of the Guests that have been taken to the Hotel.

17. The obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider shall: 17.1.  perform the accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in accordance with the effective requirements and service standards 17.2.  investigate the written complaints of the Guest and take and record the necessary steps to manage problems in writing.

18. The Service Provider’s liability for damages

18.1.  The Service Provider shall be liable for all damages caused to the Guest within the facility by fault of the Service Provider or his any employee. 18.2.  The Service Provider’s liability does not cover damages that have been occurred as a result of causes beyond the control of the employees and guests of the Service Provider or caused by the guest himself or herself. 18.3.  The Service Provider may designate places in the Hotel where the Guest is not allowed to enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages and injuries suffered at such places. 18.4.  The Guest shall immediately report any damages caused to him or her in the Hotel, and shall make all data necessary for the clarification of the circumstances of the damage event or any police report or police procedure available for the Hotel. 18.5.  The Service Provider shall be liable for valuables, securities and cash only if he has expressly taken over them for safekeeping. 18.6.  The Service Provider shall not be liable for personal belongings (including objects placed in the room safe) left in the communal spaces or rooms of the Service Provider. 18.7.  The Service Provider shall not be liable for valuables left in cars in the parking lot of the Service Provider and shall investigate the damages caused to the parking vehicles and pay them if the damages have been caused by his negligence. 18.8.  The upper limit of the damages shall be fiftyfold of the daily room price unless the damages are lower.

19. Consumer’s interest protection, data protection

19.1.  During his activities, the Service Provider shall highlight the protection of personal data. He shall manage all personal data made available for him in accordance with the effective legislation, shall provide for their confidentiality, and shall take all technical and organisational measures and draw all procedural rules that are necessary for adherence to the relevant legislation. 19.2.  The Service provider sets out its policies on processing in a separate Privacy Policy that he will make permanently available at, and he will undertake to be bound by its content. The Privacy Policy also includes information about each data processing. 19.3.  The clerk of settlement Siófok and the Consumer Protection Supervision of Somogy Country shall exercise the special surveillance rights over the service activities of the Service Provider.

20. Force Majeure

Any cause or circumstance (such as wars, fire, floods, weather conditions, power shortage, strikes) which is beyond the party’s control (Force Majeure) shall exempt all parties from the performance of their obligations under the Contract until this cause or circumstance exists. The parties agree to do their best to limit the possibility of these causes and circumstances to the minimum and to counterbalance the damages or delays as soon as possible.

21. The law applicable to the relationship between the parties and the acting court

The relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party shall be regulated by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. The court competent at the place of the service provision shall settle any legal dispute arising out of the service contract.